Air conditioning
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lf the average cost of a service for each unit is R450,OO per year, it can be seen that Queens Plumbing and Heating is spent on servicing per month, this amount can easily be ‘used up' by a faulty or blocked coil on an air-conditioning unit. To keep the time a unit is 'off-line' to minimum, and ‘on-site' service is proposed (unless in exceptional circumstances). The time saved to and from to the workshop is passed onto the customer in the form of lower transport costs, greater security of premises, minimal damage in transit, repair decisions on the spot, and knowing precisely where money is spent.

Depending on the area, industrial or otherwise, a good service, consisting of one major and one minor service per year should, in most working environments, should keep the occupants of these areas comfortable and happy, leading to greater efficiency and profitability for your company.