Hot water circulator
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In hydronic systems – that use water to transfer heat – most circulator pumps are centrifugal, which means that they the rotation of the axes is transformed into power. In solar circulating systems, the original source of power to turn the axis of a centrifugal pump comes from the sun.

Generally, the material used to manufacture circulating pumps depends on the system; closed loops that don’t receive fresh water regularly are made of cast iron components to protect the pipes from corrosion caused by deoxygenated water. Bronze is typically used to make the pipes in circulating pump systems that receive a fresh supply of oxygenated, potable water.

Solar circulating pumps ensure that residential and commercial water heating systems always have a ready supply of hot water, there is no waiting for hot water to reach the faucet as it circulates continuously around the pipes. Parts of pump body adopt copper material, so that domestic using water is more sanitary.